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Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is simple.  We don't share or sell your private information with anyone, without your specific permission. 

If you share your email with us, we will not forward your email address to anyone else.  If we don't have a rental item that you are asking for, we may refer you to another company based on our past experiences with that company.  However, if you decide to proceed with the other referred to company,  you do so at your own risk.  We do not get any kick backs or referral fees for performing this service.  We may refuse to do any referrals for certain items due to the high level of insurance risk.

On occasion, if there is an additional item that Is part of a larger order that we need to rent out, we will let you know.  Our supplier may ask, and we will let them know which city the event will take place in.  This is to make certain that for insurance purposes we are not transporting their goods to a location where they may not be insured for. 


For all events, we reserve the right to take pictures, whether through a professional photographer or otherwise.  We may use the pictures for promotional purposes such as through our web site, or through social media.  Our goal is to promote the fact that we are a real business, established in 2000.  As much as we can, we try to stay away from "stock" pictures. 

On site logo placement.  For some of your events, we will display your company logos with your permission.  You need to provide us with your company logo at least one week in advance, in a format that is readable to us.  We promise to provide you a logo to the best of our ability, and with constrained proportions.  In addition, you can provide you own logo to us, that we agree to put on our games, provided that the application of the logos is temporary, and not permanent.  Any damage to our games from the removal of your logos that you have supplied will result in a fee for the replacement part of that game.

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