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Want the inside scoop about the game rental world? Join us for the All Star Game Rentals Blog - our take on the party game rentals industry in the Greater Toronto Area!

Company Barbecues

July 2024

There's something that everyone can agree upon.  Company Barbeques!  Why do it?  It provides the biggest bang for your buck.

All Star Game Rentals will provide the interactive entertainment for your company barbeque in the Greater Toronto Area.  Some of our best suggestions include inflatable sports games.  You may be asking yourself - why - aren't we doing bouncy castles?  Heck no.  We provide interactive sports games to:

- team building as you cheer each other on
- trying a sport that some have never tried before in a safe, fun, and inclusive environment
- employees that play together, stay together
- one of our most popular games, our hockey target shooting machine can come with our expert hockey shooting coach that has been helping participants who have never touched a puck before to shoot to score.  We've been doing it for over 20 years now, and have helped hundreds of people participate in playing hockey for the very first time
- another popular game is our baseball speed pitch game. Throw the ball twice.  Guess what your speed is the third time and win!​


We can set up inside your cafeteria, conference room, or outdoors.  We recommend doing lunch time barbeques so that you have a definite finish time, and it is a great break in the day. 


Book early to get the best date for your barbeque now!

Why Give Back to the Community?

April 2023

One of our core values at All Star Game Rentals is giving back to the community.  Why do it?  Pretty much only 3 reasons:  karma, karma, and karma.  What goes around usually comes around.  Truth be told, it's also more fun to give than receive. 

Coming up, the Meadowvale Ice Puppies will be having their 10th Annual Charity Game.  Come see our Bubble Hockey games, as well as our various donated auction items, including two tickets to the FRONT ROW, 200 level balcony seats, right above the Visitor's Bullpen.  Bring your baseball glove.  Perfect place to catch a home run!

The Dan Bodanis Big Band will be hosting a Hazel McCallion tribute dinner for Hazel's favorite charities.  They will have a live auction for Blue Jays tickets, as well as many other great prizes.  Come help support a great cause.

Are you Feeling Olympic? Blog - Unforgettable Winter Sports

January 2023

At All Star Game Rentals, we love winter sports.  As the world focuses on the Winter Olympic games, it's our favourite time to celebrate winter sports.  From hockey, with our interactive hockey target games and sports radar, to our foam puck shooting machine, to our bubble hockey games, we know how to make your next event unforgettable.  Need a hockey hero to come to your event? We can point you in the right direction with a company that we partner with.  We know what games work with each celebrity.  Contact us for further details. 

Winter Olympic Theme Events

December 2022

The Winter Olympics are finally here!  Beat the February blahs and stage your own event in-house.

From such events as hockey, it's the perfect time to plan a winter olympic theme event.

Set up in your lunch room, studio, or meeting space.

Suggested rental games include:  Hockey Machine Rental, Bubble Hockey Game Rental, Air Hockey Table Rental.

Contact All Star Game Rentals now, and book your event.

Admin Professional Super Heroes

August 2022

If you've ever worked for a large corporation, you know that administrative assistant professionals go through.

Executive assistants are the heart and soul of your corporation, and make executives look great.

From organizing meetings, setting up schedules, and special event planning, they do it all.  We get it.

If you are an admin pro, give us a call whether it's your first event, or you are a seasoned veteran.

We will work with you from planning, to execution, to follow-up, we will be with you every step of the way.

All Star Game Rentals specializes in sports theme party game rentals.

Hockey Fun for Everyone!

March 2022

We take the intimidation out of the best game in the world. 

Making Hockey Fun

​Not everyone was an athlete growing up, or even well coordinated for that matter.  All Star Game Rentals will take even the most novice players into fun warriors.  We break down the game of hockey into it's most basic element, shooting to score.  We have shown hundreds of people how to shoot a puck for the very first time.  Try our Hockey Machine inflatable, and be a hockey warrior.

One of the most exhilarating parts of hockey is trying to be a goalie.  But how do you try it without being pelted in the head with a rubber puck to the head at 100 MPH?  Try our Soft Puck Shooter inflatable.  Just wear our CSA approved goalie mask.  You also put on our catcher glove and blocker glove.  We've had kids in wheelchairs go in net, all the way to NHL goalies.  We can adjust our Soft Puck Shooter to ANY level of play, and make it fun for everyone.

Halloween— Our House is the Best on the Block!

October 2021

Everyone comes up with great decorations for their house, but what about the treats? 

Make it Fresh

Our two most popular Halloween fun food party rentals are Popcorn Cart rentals and Cotton Candy Cart rentals.  Anyone can go buy treats from a store, but nothing says you care more about your treats than fresh fun food.  We have different sizes of Popcorn Machine rentals.  We had one client give away up to 1000 servings!

Make sure that for very small children, you consider giving away Cotton Candy instead.  Popcorn can be a choking hazard. 

Keeping it Simple

Your Toronto Popcorn Machine Rental nice and simple.  We deliver to the Greater Toronto Area.  All Star Game Rentals will set it up.  We will train you on being a Fun Food expert.   We handle the mess.  We clean it up after your event.

Call All Star Game Rentals now to check on availability.

Hockey Season— A Fresh Start

September 2021

Although different levels start at different times of the month, hockey season is upon us. 

Minor Hockey Events

​Looking through the eyes of a child, September can be a tough time for adjustment.  One day you're on a roller coaster soaking up the sun, and enjoying the last days of summer vacation, the next day, you're in a new classroom, with a new teacher, and new classmates.  If you're in JK, at the end of the week of your major adjustment of going to school for the first time, you get to migrate onto the ice for the very first time, and you keep on falling.  How is all of this supposed to be fun?

Amazing minor hockey coaches can have a big positive influence on your child.  Minor hockey executives want to have their organization stand out from the crowd.  Have interactive hockey games such as bubble hockey or our Hockey Machine, for minor hockey tournament rentals, opening  weekend festivals, Christmas parties, and most importantly, year end banquets.  The season end banquet is your last chance to leave an indelible impression on hockey parents and family before they have to make a decision about where to sign up for next year.

The main ingredient to the recipe for success for your hockey team is fun.  Call All Star Game Rentals now to book your hockey theme event.

Pro Hockey Events

​Pro Hockey teams have their on-ice hockey product that is the key driver for ticket sales.  Having fun games enhances the fan experience.  Game Theme nights can be popular.  From Air Hockey Table tournaments, to bubble hockey tournaments, to in between period contests, the sky is the limit.

Back to School Event Game Rentals

September 2020

It's the most wonderful time of the year for parents, as kids finally go back to school. 

"Frosh Week"

First year students in college and universities are referred to as Frosh.  It's an exciting time for them as some students leave the nest and move out for the first time.  Orientation week helps students get accustomed to their new surroundings, as well as what to expect from a workload perspective.  New friends and new experiences await.


All Star Game Rentals has multi-sport rental packages which can include hockey, football, basketball interactive game rentals.  Popcorn, Snow Cone, and Cotton Candy machine rentals compliment these packages as well.

School Fun Fair Rentals

School Fun Fairs for children give everyone a chance to have a great time and help raise funds for their school. 

A typical fun and interactive school fun fair rental package would include our Hockey Machine, Double Shot Basketball inflatable,  and QB Football Toss game.

The key to school fun fair game rentals are your parent volunteers, and buy-in from both teachers and office staff.

Call All Star Game Rentals today to discuss.

Site Inspections

May 2020

Site inspections are a critical element to the success of your event.  Choose a mutually convenient time for you, your venue, and your suppliers. 

"Plug and Pray"
​Experienced companies know that a coordinated Site Inspection with your entire supply team will avoid big headaches during the day of your event.  Simple things like electrical power are often overlooked.  Electrical circuit overload cannot only "pop a breaker", but it can also ruin your rental equipment.  Some companies that avoid Site Inspections commonly use the "Plug and Pray" strategy.  
They commonly don't maintain their equipment properly; not that they don't care, just that they are too busy and frequently understaffed, and plug in the equipment at the venue on the day of the event, and pray that it works as they plug it in. 
"We  Can't Do That— We're Too Busy!"

No one cares about your event more than you do.  If you are doing a company event, and you are in charge, you'll be measured on how well you do.  Everyone remembers a successfully run event.  However, no one will forget a poorly run event.

If a company tells you that they are too busy for a Site Inspection, that's more than likely a trigger that a lot of other things are not up to snuff.  When some large game rental companies are very busy, one of the most common pieces that they will try to avoid is the Site Inspection.  They will look at it as an unnecessary expense, as opposed to an investment in their clients.

Make sure that you pick a date and time that you pick a time that is mutually convenient for everyone involved.

Free Site Inspections

It's pretty common not to charge for Site Inspections for your Toronto sports party game rental.  However, if your event is far away, some companies might charge you.  Don't let the added expense turn you off from a particular company just because they do.  As long as they are just asking for their expenses to be covered, it is reasonable to do this. 


For events within the Greater Toronto Area, All Star Game Rentals does not charge for Site Inspections.  When is a site inspection not necessary?  Small events where only one or two items are being used, with minimal space & electrical requirements.

At the end of the day, you need to pick a party game rental company that's right for you. 

Summer Time Fun

July 2019

While All Star Game Rentals is your hockey theme party rental experts in the Greater Toronto Area, in the summer time we also have fun with interactive party game rentals such as basketball, soccer, baseball and Fun Food rentals. 

Company Picnics— "Work that energy off"

Company Picnic party game rentals are great.  If you are inviting kids, you NEED to keep them occupied.  We get it.  Boring Bouncey Houses are a dime a dozen.  Sophisticated kids expect more to steal away from the boredom. Interactive sports games fill the void that smart party planning committees understand that need to be filled.

Summer Camp Game Rentals— "Fun Days"

Keeping children active and busy is essential to any type of summer camp.  Make sure you book one of our package deals to achieve this important goal for your summer camp within the Greater Toronto Area.

Summer Birthday Parties— "Mom, can we do something outside?" 

For those of us that are fortunate enough  to have summer birthday parties, we can take advantage of the great weather, and plan your interactive birthday party rental outdoors.  We do free site inspections at a mutually convenient  time, and give you our recommendations for party game rentals and fun food, based on our experience of doing these types of events since 2000. 

Hockey Playoff Fun

May 2018

As the regular season comes to an end for most pro leagues, how can you hone in on the fun & excitement?

I thought Our Team Was Playing Tonight?

When planning your Hockey Playoff Party event, make sure your team is actually playing that night.  Understanding how playoff games work.  Is it a best of 5 series, a best of 7 series?  We once did an event that was 3 days in length.  On the 2nd day of the event, the team ended up losing, and got kicked out of the playoffs.  Needless to say, the 3rd day of the event was a disaster.  No one wanted to play any games, because they were upset that their favourite team got knocked out of the playoffs.

How Long Can This Game Go On?

When having a Hockey Playoff Viewing Party, make sure you book everything for a later time.  What happens if there is a tie score at the end of the third period?  Does the game go into overtime?  How flexible are your hockey party game rental  suppliers for pickup, if the game goes late?  Ask up front, so there are no surprises on the day of the event.

Making Everyone Feel Welcome

It's easy to attract hockey fans to come to your hockey party, but what about those people that know nothing about the game of hockey?  We have a former hockey coach that specializes in people that have never touched a puck before.  He has shown thousands of people how to take their first shot ever. 

Look Out For That Puck!

Safety should be your number 1 priority.  Pick games that won't do any damage.  Whether it be property, or personal.

Getting Ready for Spring

January 2018

What a mild winter it's been.  Spring is just around the corner.  What can you do now to make your event a success?

What do you mean it's Not Available?

Booking party game rentals early is important to the success of your event.  Let us know what your goal is for your event, the number of participants, the target age group, and any other demographic that you may think would be relevant.

Spring hockey playoff suggestions?  Bubble Hockey Game Party Game Rentals, Hockey Target Shooting Game Rentals, or perhaps a Hockey Radar Gun Rental.  Make it a game rental package, and cover off all the bases.

Working With Your Venue

May 2017

One of the most important aspects of your event is the venue. Yet, are you giving this aspect of planning for your event the attention it deserves?

How Long are the Lights Going to Stay Off?

Power outages. They happen. At the worst possible moment. Does your Toronto Party Event Rental venue have a backup generator? What exactly is included if the power goes off? Will the food still be warm, and served on time?  Are the most important aspects of your event still covered? Ask ahead of time so there  are no surprises.

Everything Looks Perfect in the Chaos

When is the best time to go visit a venue? On a Monday afternoon, when no one is there?  Be up front, and ask that you want to see the Party Event Rental Toronto venue when it is busy.  Do the staff look and act professionally?  How does the kitchen look in the middle of service when they are not expecting anyone to be there? 

There's a Fly in My Soup!

Arrange for a tasting appointment.  Ask to see their Food Inspection certificate, Liability Insurance Certificate, and any other official documentation that you think is pertinent to your event. 

Beating the Winter Blues

January 2017

Another long winter in Canada.  People tend to stay indoors; and stay away from the cold and the snow of the Great White North. Retail businesses slow down in January, due to the Christmas and Boxing Day push with everyone settling up on those big credit card bills.

Monday Morning Motivation

​For companies, some employees may feel less motivated than they normally do.  Beat the Winter blahs, and have party game rentals at your company lunch room.  A bubble hockey game rental, will make your lunch room a lot more exciting, and have your staff look forward to coming to work.

A district manager at a major television station in Toronto rented out our bubble hockey game for a month.  At the end of the month, the game was picked up, and he said that employee productivity went up, and there were zero absences in his department for that month.

Variety— The Spice Of Life

Look to mix things up and have fun with your staff.  You can even switch out games once a month and keep the fun going throughout the winter months.  Other suggestions for fun are ping pong table rentals, foosball table rentals.  You can even hold weekly or monthly tournaments, and raise money for your favourite charities.  A goofy prize is a must for bragging rights.  One example was a client that bought a tacky Elvis statue from Honest Ed's, and it was a big hit.

Remember, the more fun the experience is, the more memorable it will be.  Be the office super hero that you know you can be.  Call All Star Game Rentals today at 416-725-8349 and book your office party game rental today.

New Year's Eve Party Game Rentals

December 2016

Everyone is ready to ring in the New Year, but what do you have in terms of entertainment? 

One of the biggest challenges party planners face is trying to find games that have universal appeal, and can be fun for all ages.  The most popular sport in the world is soccer.  A sure bet is table soccer, or Foosball as it is more commonly known in North America. 

Back in 2000, when we first started, someone asked us if we had any "Gitz" tables. Well, we had no idea what it was, but if they wanted one, we could certainly get one. It took a very short while to figure out the caller wanted a Foosball Table rental.

Isn't The Most Expensive Solution the best?

We ended up going to our supplier and saying, we want the best foosball table money can buy.  Unfortunately, we figured out that was not the best course of action. 

As we progressed, we found out that the foosball table of choice is called Fabi.  It is made in Italy, and is a great foosball Table.  We got rid of our more expensive table, and have enjoyed renting out our Fabi Foosball Tables ever since.

Age Group

Finding a party rental game in Toronto that appeals to all ages can be tough.  Event Planners always struggle with the teenager age group.  Toddlers can be a challenge as well.  Everyone seems to forget about them.  If you're a parent with very young children, this is a very unfortunate age group to gloss over.  They will remind you in countless ways that they need to be kept busy.

Here is a suggestion that will fit in almost any decent sized room:

Foosball Table Rental Package: ​​
- $495 plus tax.  Delivery & Indoor setup included in Toronto.​

- 10 Person Entertainment Package - Up to 8 people and 2 small children​

- 2 Fabi Foosball Table Rentals​

- 1 custom made mini foosball table​

- A couple of steps into your house or venue is fine.  No flights of stairs.  Snow & Ice cleared pathway.

Protecting your Brand

July 2016

Okay.  Here is the scenario. 

You are a big brand company, but you've instructed your marketing company to do a branded event on a small budget.  What could possibly go wrong? Plenty.

Liability Insurance

If something goes wrong, will their blanket liability insurance coverage cover them off,  More importantly, will their liability insurance cover your company off?

The Quality Experience

What kind of marketing image are you showing to your clients or potential clients?  Is it easy to tell the difference between retail quality vrs. commercial quality games?  Absolutely. 

When you have to take one look at the setup and cross your fingers hoping that the equipment will last until the end of the event, that's when you know when you've made the wrong choice. 

Your Brand

If your marketing company decides to go on the cheap and get something from a large retail store, and then throw it out afterwards, is this the marketing image that you want for your company?  Protect your brand, and make sure you know what you're getting yourself into.

Creating and Rekindling Memories

August 2015

What do you do?  Our most popular question that's asked. 

The pre-canned answer is that we rent games. Sure— we also rent fun food items as well.  But what do we really do?

"I haven't seen one of these in over 50 years!"

One of the most exciting parts of what we do at All Star Game Rentals is to rekindle your childhood spirit.  On occasion, we will go to senior's retirement residences with Fun Food rentals in Toronto.  One time, we had a senior come up to us, and tell us how much she appreciated us showing up with our Cotton Candy machine rental. 


It reminded her of a wonderful childhood memory of going to her local home town fair, and trying Cotton Candy for the first time ever.  It transported her back in time to a cherished memory which she really didn't fully appreciate until that moment.

"So How do I hold this Hockey Stick?"

One of the most overlooked parts of interactive party game rentals is having great training for your volunteers.  

How do they interact with your guests?  Can they operate interactive hockey game rentals in a safe, effective and fun manner?

Since opening All Star Game Rentals in 2000, we have a ton of experience in providing advice on selecting the right people, and make sure they are properly trained in delighting your guests in making your event a memorable experience.

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