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  • I am planning a Hockey Theme Party Game Rental in Toronto. What steps should I take?​
    1. Pick a date. Perhaps have it coincide with your favorite hockey team having a game that day.​ 2. Pick a venue. For company events, consider doing the event at lunch time.​ 3. Numbers - How many people you are expecting. Send invitations. Follow up if necessary.​ 4. Capacity - Once you have final numbers, verify and book your venue.​ 5. Space - Do you have enough room for your games and food stations? ​6. Electrical - Often overlooked.​ 7. Appeal to all your senses. ​8. Get it in writing. Contracts are critical.​ 9. Setup and take down time windows & restrictions.​ ​
  • What games do you recommend?
    After 24 years, we've pretty much seen and done it all. A lot has to do with the number of people that are attending, how much space you have for the games, the demographic, as well as other key factors. The more you can tell us about your event, the better we can point you in the right direction. You can call us at 416.725.8349 to discuss in detail.
  • How much notice do you need for an event?
    We require at least 48 hours notice. Payment must be received at least 1 day prior to delivery. Booking early provides the best possible selection. Special events are all about the details. Help us help you by giving as much notice as possible.
  • What area do you serve?
    We primarily serve the Greater Toronto Area. We may accommodate other requests based on availability.
  • What's the delivery charge?
    In all cases, we charge for delivery. Toronto, Vaughn, and Mississauga delivery is $100 plus tax. Please contact us for delivery charges out of that area. No stairs can be involved in the delivery.
  • Do you provide staff for the games?
    We will train your volunteers to run the games. Volunteers should be adults that are responsible, assertive, and outgoing. For our Hockey Machine inflatable, we have a hockey coach with over 24 years of experience showing participants the basics of shooting a hockey puck. Coach subject to availability.
  • What about electrical power?
    We will provide you with electrical power requirements for each game.
  • How much space do we need?
    We will usually provide you with the bare minimum space, as well as the recommended physical footprint size.
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