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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Where to get started on planning your Hockey Theme Event.

I am planning a Hockey Theme Party Game Rental in Toronto.  What steps should I take?

1.  Pick a date.  Perhaps have it coincide with your favourite hockey team having a game that day.

2.  Pick a venue.  For company events, consider doing the event at lunch time.

3.  Numbers - How many people you are expecting.  Send invitations.  Follow up if necessary.

4.  Capacity - Once you have final numbers, verify and book your venue.

5.  Space - Do you have enough room for your games and food stations?

6.  Electrical - Often overlooked. 

7.  Appeal to all your senses. 

8.  Get it in writing.  Contracts are critical. 

9.  Setup and take down time windows & restrictions. 

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