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Looking for an accurate way of measuring speed for your particular sport Toronto?  Then our Sports radar gun is exactly what you need.

Sports radar gun applications:


- hockey:  fastest skater, hardest shot


- baseball:  hardest throw


- tennis: hardest serve


- golf:  hardest drive


- vehicles and boats:  fastest speed


- carnival use:  typically soccer, hockey, or baseball


- other uses: tobogan, snowmobile, running, or anything else where an object moves


Let us know how you plan to use the radar gun rental in Toronto, so that we will preset the radar gun for optimum use.  Radar speeds can be measured in miles per hour or kilometers per hour.


Use our sports radar gun for baseball and measure your pitching speed.  Try slight variations while you pitch, and have instant feedback on improvements.


Looking for a fun addition to your Toronto tournament?  Then our sports radar gun will make a fun addition to any Greater Toronto area event.

Hardest shot competition


Radar Package features:


- Radar gun engineered specifically for sports


- Large neon two digit display (each digit is 6 inches tall by 4 inches wide) for easy readout


- fastest speed setting


- recall speed display (for close speeds, the gun itself is accurate up to 1/10 of a MPH accuracy)


- option of going MPH or KPH


- select-a-sport setting


- High range or low range setting




Is the radar system easy to operate?


We deliver the radar gun and display and set it up for you in order to make it a hassle free experience.  You will have a chance to see the basics of radar system operation and the system will be thoroughly tested with your group for your particular application.   


Can you use the radar system on the ice?


No problem.


Can you just use the radar gun itself without the display?


The radar gun shares power with the radar display, so they need to be used together.  If you don't need to use the display, it can just stay next to the radar gun with the cover closed so that you can't see the digits.  Participants love the large two digit display.   It attracts crowd attention and is a lot of fun.


Do you have an enclosure that you can use with the radar gun system?


We have a non-inflatable enclosure available for use with the radar gun system for off ice use.  Typical uses are for baseball and hockey.


How much does it cost to rent?


Contact us for current pricing. 

For a quote, fill out the following form:

For a no obligation quote:  Quote Form        

call us for rentals at 416-725-8349.

Toronto Blue Jays Bullpen Radar Gun
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